The Craft of Burgers

Craft Burger

Ah, the power of Twitter. Last night, NatalieB tweeted that she was craving burgers and a few messages later, we'd agreed to meet up to try out Craft Burger.

Now, why did I wait so long to try this place? As I normally do when trying a new place, I order the basics. Because if they can't get that right, fuhgiddaboudit. So, I got the classic burger, hold the lettuce, tomato and mayo. A side of fries and a bottle of Boylan's Black Cherry, and I was good to go.

First off, the fries. They were exactly the way I like them - a little on the dark side, super crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside, and perfectly salted. I didn't have to do a thing with them.

The burger was what I'd describe as "honest". "Handcrafted one at a time, 6oz. fresh Ontario AAA ground chuck", it just pure beef. Also perfectly cooked, it was so juicy.

I'll definitely return. I'm dying to try the Craft Burger (mushrooms, rosemary garlic mayo) and the Craft Spicy (carmalized onions & spicy chiptole mayo). Looks like I'll be living every week like it's burger week.

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