Your New Summer Salad

Barbecue season is upon us and thanks to my friend Homee's post on Facebook, I've got the perfect, easy potluck salad.

How easy? Can you slice a cucumber and open a jar/plastic tub? That easy. Homee peels his cukes, but that's optional, in my opinion. You could also split the difference and do a fancy partial peel, which would add some visual interest.

The recipe, such as it is, calls for 4 mini cucumbers, sliced, and a container of your favourite kimchi. (You could complicate things and make the kimchi from scratch.) If you didn't know, kimchi is a Korean fermented cabbage dish that can run the gamut of spiciness. Toss together. Boom. Done.

Besides being super simple, it's delicious. The coolness of the cucumber and the spice of the kimchi balance each other out quite nicely. And it's a great match with grilled meats. Let me know in the comments what your favourite brand of kimchi is. I need recommendations!


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