Check Out Charlotte Langley's Cans

Have you ever thought about canning a meat pie? Charlotte Langley hasn't just thought about it - she's done it. Last night saw the soft launch of her line of inventive canned foods called Scout Canning, at The Tempered Room in Parkdale.

These aren't your grocery store variety canned goods, so do need to be kept refrigerated, but to be honest they won't stay unopened through the week, much less the apocolypse. Besides the meat pie, Charlotte smokes and cans (on a beautiful vintage canning machine) all manner of seafood, as well as items like smoked beans and eggs, and coq au vin. There are also stupid good desserts like strawberry cheesecake and the decadent maple coffee cake.

Highlights from the samples last night were the nutty smoked scallops, the trout rillette and the whipped lardo. I want that lardo on everything. I want to dip chips in it. Hell, I just want to dip my fingers in the can and eat it straight. And wash it down with Bryn Bratton Wall's cocktail of the evening - The Can Can.

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