Corn: The Best Summer Side

There are a lot of reasons to love summer. Biggest among them for me is the wider variety of produce to enjoy than what's available in the winter months. Coming from a tropical country, I've never been satisfied with 4-5 months of just root veg and apples. And preserved just doesn't turn me on the way fresh does.

One of my absolute favourite things to eat while I can is corn, and we're in the swing of that season now. Whether roasted or boiled, if there's corn on the cob on offer, I'm in. Right now, you really need so little to enjoy this vegetable. They are so sweet, you really don't even need salt & pepper — just butter. Not that there's anything wrong with a flavoured butter.

In the last couple of weeks, I've enjoyed corn with two fantastic outdoor meals. The first was at the Milford Rotary Club's 38th Annual Lobster Bake. My friends and I joined a few thousand people down by the marina to take part in this ridiculous deal. You get two Maine lobsters, boiled corn on the cob, bun, slaw and an alcoholic beverage of your choice for just $40! If you're ever in Connecticut in mid-July, I'd definitely say this is worth the drive to Milford. Plus you get to see all the awesome ways people dress up for the event. Like this guy. Or this guy.

When I got back to Toronto, a friend posted that Lamesa and Porzia were teaming up for this past weekend's patio bbq at Cold Tea in Kensington Market. I went with the skewer combo plate, which had all 3 skewer options plus one veg choice. Of course I had to throw in a cob of roast corn to round out my meal. All of this for $10. Seriously.

FYI, the bbq happens every Sunday of the summer, with an extra one this Saturday. You want to check this out. So, what's your favourite way to have corn on the cob?


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