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There's a new food delivery service in town doing some exciting things. Fresh Canteen offers up the novel idea, in Canada at least, of posting an assortment of recipes each week, and sending you all the ingredients you need to make the dish of your choice.

At their media launch at St. Lawrence Market, I was part of a group of food writers and bloggers invited to test out how this service works. The meal we made and shared that night was a succulent masala spice rubbed duck breast in a red grape sauce atop riced potatoes, with a side of green salad. Keep an eye on the Fresh Canteen blog for this upcoming holiday recipe.

We were given a box of ingredients, just at it would be delivered to your home. Inside was everything, portioned appropriately, we would need to create a delicious dinner. The company partners with local food producers, focusing on fresh, seasonal ingredients.  Most recipes can be made within 45 minutes with minimal prep of washing and chopping.

Working in teams, under the guidance of the Fresh Canteen team, we worked our way through the easy-to-follow step by step recipe sheet and I was impressed by the results. I mean, look at it! I've never cooked duck before, and it's an intimidating meat for a lot of people, but the instructions were pretty much fool-proof.

The following week, a box was delivered to me to try out the service all by myself. This time, I got to choose and went with the cider glazed pork chops, so my friend Amy could break not bread with me. This one is served with a marinated tomato salad and rapini.

Remember how I said the recipes were fool-proof? Well, I'm living proof. The best advice I can give is to read the recipe all the way through before you begin. We had a few missteps with the rapini timing and went out of order on the dressing for the tomatoes, but it still worked out. See? Fool-proof!
Fresh Canteen is built around the idea that cooking healthy and delicious food should also be convenient and fun.
For $15 per person, including free delivery, we had a delicious, healthy dinner at home. At how many restaurants can you do that? Plus, we get to drink whichever wine we like from the collection. No tax, no tip. :) 

Every two weeks, six new recipes are posted and you can order as many as you like. It's perfect if, for example, you've got a special someone coming over that you'd like to impress, but are stumped for ideas. And Fresh Canteen does all the shopping for you! Check out the latest recipes. I bet there'll be something there to capture your imagination.


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