The Ex Factor

The CNE, aka The Ex, is always bittersweet for me. Although its arrival signals the end of summer, I also really love a carnival. And what's not to love? Neon, noise, animals, rides, and of course carnival food!

My friend Connie is the perfect companion to explore all this with, and we made the most of our day. Of course, we had to have my perennial Ex favourite, the fresh waffle ice cream sandwich, and Connie was determined not to miss the deep fried Joe Louis this year. But we both agreed that the sandwich we got from Pull'd, in the Food Building, was on point.

Knowing we'd be eating a lot, we shared the Stack'd sandwich. While I'd been excited when I heard there would be pulled meats on pancakes, I was a bit disappointed to discover the pancakes used for the Jack'd sandwich were red velvet. I'd learned my lesson last year about mixing savoury meat with cake, trying the abysmal doughnut burger.

But Pull'd had me at pretzel bun. I mean, really. Beautifully crusty exterior with a soft, chewy interior. Nothing wrong with that. And the filling was no slouch either. The bun was piled with tender, flavourful pulled barbecued pork, topped with a servicable slaw and a pan fried cheese pierogi. It just worked. Just thinking about it now makes me want to have it again.

You've got through September 3 to visit the Ex and try some of Pull'd's fare for yourself. The Food Building is open daily from 10 am to 10 pm. If anyone tries the pancake sandwich, let me know what you think, or tell me what else rocked your palate this year.


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