Contest Alert: Fiesta Farms' Apron Strings

Food, for many of us is inextricable from memory and nostalgia. Growing up, at least for many in my generation, the kitchen was arguably the domain of mothers, grandmothers, and aunties. But there were among them those fathers who loved being there and creating meals for their families to equal degree as the women of the clan.

To celebrate such fathers, Fiesta Farms' "Apron Strings: The Ties That Bind" series is featuring stories, memories and recipes from food lovers across the city. For better or for worse, if you've got a cherished memory of Dad in the kitchen, visit Fiesta Farms to submit your story. As an added incentive to the warm feeling you'll get recalling said memories, you could also win one of three Fiesta Farms gift certificates!

Here's an excerpt from my own submission:
I always say I inherited my father's cooking style.

Food was as important in our home as was music, and they often went hand in hand. My dad had always been the type of cook who could open the fridge and make magic out of whatever happened to be in there. He was a master improviser.

As I've turned out to be, he never really had much use for recipes, so baking was never his forté. Then, one day, he got it into his head that my mother shouldn't have to be the only one baking bread, especially as we all loved having steaming, fresh baked loaves so much...
If you need inspiration for your own submission, check out the fantastic memories that have already been posted. And check the Apron Strings blog later this week for the rest of my story!


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