Citrus Kissed Fish

Last night's dinner was a lovely bit of improvisation. I had this pack of tilapia filets and the package had a recipe for a citrus preparation. I didn't have most of the ingredients, but I did have some of the orange liquer that was listed for the marinade.

For two hours, I let the fish defrost in a mix of:

The preparation was a simple sauté at medium heat, until the fish was cooked through and took some colour. For the side, I steamed some frozen peas in the marinade liquid, then stirred in some leftover plain rice (about 2 C) I had, and adjusted the seasoning with salt and pepper. The rice picked up the flavours from the marinade nicely.

Considering this was completely by the seat of my pants, with pretty limited resources, it turned out really well. The fish had a great depth of flavour, which I'd attribute to the seasoning and the touch of Marmite, balanced by a pleasant sweetness from the juice. I'd definitely do this again.


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