The other day, there was a photo posted from Akram's in Kensington Market that made me perk up and pay attention. They had just put out a batch of fig baklava...

Akram's Shoppe is not only the source of my favourite olives ever, but they carry a wide array of Middle Eastern ingredients and prepared foods. I was thrilled when they reopened last year, after taking 3 years to recover from a huge setback during renovations. Even after being hit with a break and enter months after their reopening, Hiyam and her family continue to provide beautiful food with warmth and heart to everyone who comes through their door.

Along with a daily rotation of sandwiches and soups, Akram's offers a staggering array of dips, flatbreads and desserts, including many flavours of baklava. When baklava is done right, it's a thing of beauty. A mix of flakiness and tenderness, with a touch of chewiness, and not sickly sweet. That's how they serve it up at Akram's.

While I enjoyed the fig baklava a lot, those who've known me since my uni days know of my deep and abiding love for all things black cherry. I think I actually squealed when I found out this was one of the flavours on offer. And it lived up to my hopes. Sweet and sticky with that trademark tang of black cherry, I think the only flavour that may veer me from this particular baklava would be the chocolate one I'm told they make every now and then.

Can't wait to make the first of multiple returns to Akram's.


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