Porchetta & Co.

In the ever expanding foodscape on Dundas West, I'm happy to report the weeks-old Porchetta & Co. is a welcome addition. Adhering to the philosophy that less is more, similar to local legend California Sandwiches with their veal 'wiches, Nick auf der Mauer aims to do one thing, porchetta, and do it well. Very well.

I met up for a New Year's Eve lunch with Tonya and Mojgan to sample the wares at this tiny spot that's been getting all kinds of great buzz. I won't speak for the other ladies, but I for one can assure you, you can believe the hype.

These porcine bundles of joy are sandwiched between soft and crusty sourdough buns from Portuguese bakery, Caldense. At $5.95 for the basic sandwich, it's a healthy size for most. Seriously guys, the pork. It is juicy, packed with flavour, most notably a lovely garlic note from the marinade, and is studded with the most delightfully crispy bits of skin I've encountered in a while. I ordered the sandwich with mushrooms, but would love to try it with the mild bitterness of rapini next time.

While the star at Porchetta & Co. is obviously the sandwich, you can also partake in a side of soup or roasted potatoes. If you're feeling extra hungry, swear to god, have the potatoes. The only time I've ever encountered a mouthful like them, is what is referred to by select members of my family and friends as "the potatoes". One year, I roasted my bird à la Martha Stewart, basted in wine and butter, and placed halved new potatoes under the roasting rack to absorb and cook in the buttery, winey drippings. P&C's potatoes come close to these.

Simply seasoned in salt, pepper and olive oil, the spuds are roasted until golden and simultaneously crispy and fluffy. Potato perfection. I said "Why not?" to the offer of truffle sauce to go with them, and would recommend this dressing in a heartbeat. All the flavours in each dish danced together like Bolshoi on my tongue, each performing their role perfectly to make my mouth happy.

Porchetta & Co. are located at 825 Dundas St. W, and are open Tues.-Sat. 11:00am-9:00pm; Sun. 11:00am-4:00pm; closed Mondays. Now, go!


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