Eggs Any Time

We've all heard the Egg Farmers of Canada's tagline "Eggs: They're what's for dinner". Well they also make a fantastic lunch. With that in mind, and limited time for lunch, I threw a few ingredients into the work microwave for a quick and satisfying sandwich.

Of course, if you have more time than I did the other day, this can easily be done in your sauté pan or fluffed up like crazy in a 350°F oven. And the omelette you come up with is limited only by what's on hand in your pantry/fridge and your imagination. Eggs make such a great canvas for all kinds of flavour combinations, the possibilities really are endless.

Inspired by the traditional smoked salmon bagel preparation, for this particular omelette I beat two eggs in my baking dish, and tossed in bits of cream cheese, halved grape tomatoes and some of the candied smoked salmon I was gifted by Chef Rossy Earle. If I'd had capers and onions or shallots on hand, those would have been perfect in here too.

I seasoned with fresh cracked salt and pepper, then microwaved the eggs on high for a total of about 2½ minutes, checking for doneness at the halfway mark. While the eggs were cooking, I lightly toasted a croissant from my neighbourhood patisserie, Clafouti, onto which I folded the finished eggs. Voilà! A tasty lunch was served.


Cath said...

I'm so going to try this myself!

Bev Wooding said...

Great! Come back and tell me what ingredients you used.

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