Back In The Swim Of It

I've been kind of lackadaisical about cooking for myself lately, but the replacement purchase of my long-lost, much-loved steamer should help with that.

Last night, I picked up a few sole fillets to give them the mojito treatment. Essentially, I do a quick marinade in rum, crushed mint and lime juice. This works very well for chicken as well. I'm still experimenting with ratios, as I found the lime to be the predominant flavour here. Not a bad thing, but was hoping to get more of a balance between the three main flavourants.

It might have been the choice of medium too, as the fillets were very thin, so I think I went a little light. Also, because the lime cooks the fish a bit, I would be able to leave the marinade a lot longer with a heartier protein. For example, I wonder how this would work with shredded duck?

In any case, here's how my dinner came together.

Mojito Fish


  • ½ lb white fish (suitable for steaming)
  • juice and zest of ½ a lime
  • 2 capfuls golden rum (I used Appleton's as the small bottle was cheaper than Bacardi Gold and is a much better rum)
  • leaves of two stalks of mint, crushed (I used my mortar and pestle, so turned it into essentially a teaspoon of mint paste)
  • salt and pepper to taste
Yeilds: 2 servings

I marinated the fish for about 15 minutes, while the rice was cooking in the steamer. During the last 7 minutes of rice cook time, I added frozen green peas and the fish. Et, voilà! A quick, easy and one-dish dinner to ease me back into eating at home.


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