So Simple

This past week, my upstairs neighbour hosted the first of a new series of salons. Not only did I get to participate in a discussion on leadership with a group of inspiring and smart women, but we also got to eat some of Sophie's fabulous cooking. We had bread salad, beet salad, beef and basil on baguette, and yummy roasted sweet potatoes.

All of these were delicious, but it was dessert that blew my mind. I'm one of those rare people who, even as a a kid, loved the candies others shunned. You know those weird, brown, chewy lumps you hated getting in your trick or treat bag? Love 'em.

I also love Eat More. You know, that weird, brown chewy bar... with nuts? So imagine my delight, when I realized what was under the ice cream. Sophie simply rolled pieces of the candy bar and baked them (on a Silpat) for a few minutes until they flattened.

Genius! Not only does the dark toffee candy get delightfully crispy, but the peanut pieces took on a lightly roasted flavour that I absolutely loved. Really, these couldn't be easier to make. Do I really need an occasion to go load up on Eat Mores to make copious numbers of these myself?


Sophia said...

Nice! So glad you share this, it's one of my favourite tricks when I'm jammed for dessert. Just one thing, you don't even have to roll them out, you just cut the bar up into small squares and space them evenly. Bake for maybe 3-5 minutes at 350 until they've melted into a small puddle and then let them cool to become crisp.

P.s. they will burn if you are outside drinking wine and ignoring what you've just put in the oven. I know shocking. Next will come up with a dessert that is not only simple, but ejects itself from my oven. Genius : )

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