All About Cheese

My 40th birthday was this week and this morning, my pals took me out to brunch at School to celebrate. Word was, the super cheesy french toast was a menu highlight, so I went with that. It came with double smoked bacon and salad greens, and was indeed, super cheesy.

I did have to do some deconstruction, as I'm not a fan of maple syrup on my bacon. But once I removed the bacon, I was surprised at how well the rich and savoury cheese toast went with the syrup. I can see why it's popular. The bacon was nice, though uninspired.

I think it's fair to note that I've heard very mixed reviews about School, and today was no exception. One friend's eggs benedict were cold; another's steak, requested to be the rare side of medium rare, came pretty much well done; a third made the kind of face reserved for the smell of durian when she tried the maple cranberry sausage. So, although I did enjoy my dish, I don't think I'm in any rush to return.


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