Tomato, Tomahto

Vicki's Tomatoes

It's unbelievable to me the way food will make me get up earlier on a Saturday than I do during the week. But when Joel told me about a tomato tasting happening at the Vicki's Veggies stand at the Evergreen Brickworks farmers' market, I dutifully set my alarm for 8:15 (yes, that's AM) and got ready for the hour long trek.

There were about a dozen varieties to sample, ranging in colour from pale yellow to vivid green to rusty red. While I didn't taste quite the vast differences in flavours of tomato varieties as I did in apples or even mangoes, there were certainly distinct characteristics on display. The main flavour profiles seem to be based on degree of acidity or sweetness, as well as juiciness.

Vicki's Tomatoes

There were two varieties that stood out for me as favourites: the tiny "gold nuggets" and the "Cuban smalls". I guess good things do come in small packages. The gold nuggets were just that. These bite sized jewels of a lightly tangy sweetness really remind you that tomato is a fruit. They burst with juice and I could see snacking on them like candy. The Cuban smalls had the most complex flavour, with a mild earthiness deepening the mild acidity. This one was definitely my number one.

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I also picked up some greens, cheese and basil to compose a salad with these two varieties, so stay tuned for the results of that.


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