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ice cream sandwich

With the humidex making a 34°C day feel like 45°C, and more days like it to come, I thought I'd quickly share with you a lovely treat I had at The Sweet Escape in the Distillery District. This ain't your corner store's ice cream sandwich.

You can customize your sandwich with any of Sweet Escape's available ice creams and cookies. I went with the peanut butter chocolate chip ice cream between double chocolate and peanut butter cookies. It's just how I roll. Originally, I was going to just do the peanut butter cookie, but Michelle brilliantly suggested the cookie duo, which I'm glad I heeded. I think it led to a more even distribution of the two flavours within the ice cream.

You could easily duplicate this idea at home with high quality ice cream and cookies. I think the key is to make sure the cookies are on the soft side, otherwise you'll end up with ice cream squooging out one end. I'd love to try a chocolate orange sandwich. You could even go simple, using oreo cookies with the cream scraped out and replaced with a chocolate mint ice cream. Michelle mentioned something about a roasted pineapple ice cream. I bet that would go well with a ginger or cinnamon cookie.

What would your ice cream sandwich combo of choice be?

Breaking!: Spotlight Toronto just sandwiched their roasted pineapple ice cream in a home-made doughnut!

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