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maple glazed rib

Monday nights at the Drake Hotel, writer Ivy Knight hosts a little thing called 86'd. Each week, Ivy brings together members of Toronto's food community, and those who love them, for a night of booze, eats and chat. And it's free! This week was in honour of our fair city's hotel workers, and coincided with the Drake's Maple Madness. We (including MS. MINDY COHN*!!!) were treated to samples of Chef Anthony Rose's Maple Glazed Ribs and Maple Sugar Bacon Sandwich.

The first round of ribs were a touch chewy/dry, however, by the second serving the texture and amount of sauce had been perfected. With just a whisper of perfumey maple sweetness, with a strong smoky base note. There was surprisingly little fat evident in the ribs, which was fine by me. I always say, I love what fat brings to the table; I just don't want it in my mouth.

maple sugar bacon sandwich

On to the maple sugar and bacon sandwich. I'm afraid this was a little too sweet. Where the maple flavour in the ribs was subtle, it overpowered the saltiness of the bacon in this offering. The bread was very buttery and soft, with an herb flavour that escapes me (caraway?), and created an interesting flavour combo with the sugar. I imagine that the on menu version, which includes foie gras, might have a more complex flavour profile. Guess I'll just have to go back and see for myself. :)

*OK, so she wasn't with us, but she was in the room!

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