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chevre herb scone

There's a new cafe in town, and everyone in our office is thanking our lucky stars. We've been craving a cafe that's not at least a 10 minute walk away, and lo and behold the Belljar opened it's doors 2 weeks ago. The best part is, it's not just 2 minutes from the office, it's awesome.

Owned and operated by a lovely couple, this new indie fills a gap in a densely residential area that's been long under-serviced in regards to their coffee and pastry needs. They're open Monday to Friday from 7 to 4, and 8 to 4 on the weekends. And yeah, I've made a few visits in the last two weeks. How could I not when they offer some great coffees and have delicious sweet and savoury pastries on offer? Like their scones.

The pastries are provided by Circles & Squares, and I haven't tried a bad one yet. The hazelnut brownies are out of this world moist and chocolatey. The ginger cookies are some of the best I've tried. And the savoury herb and chèvre scone pictured above is fluffy and packed with flavour.

lemon square

And let me tell you about the lemon squares. The rich curd is perfectly blanced between sweet and tart and the pastry is ever so slightly toothy. So good! I can't wait to try their mini cheesecakes and the word from my collegues give the savoury turnovers the thumbs up. Once these guys stargt serving soups and sandwiches, they're going to be unstoppable. The neighbourhood is thrilled to have them around.

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