Eat Your Veggies

carrot zucchini bread

I love that so many of my coworkers are bakers. Myself, I'm terrible at baking. Mainly because I have a hard time sticking to the rules. I always think of cooking as an art, baking as a science (albeit a beautiful science like theoretical physics). And my degree is a BFA.

One of the members of our Finance team, who is super sweet anyway, brought in two breakfast loaves to share with the office. There was a chocolate chip banana bread, and this delectable carrot zucchini bread.

Now, I'm generally not a cake fan, unless there's cheese or vegetables involved. Tiramisu, carrot cake, chocolate zucchini cake. And this was two of those three in one! Thank you Monica, for your airy, sweet, moist confection, and for sharing it with all of us.

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