Oh Boy! Poutine!


Just a quick post, since the post I wrote up last night, with the intention of taking the photo at lunch today, needs be delayed on account of my late lunch and ravenous hunger. The photo will have to wait until tomorrow's lunch. Sigh...

So, this evening, I met up with Kate from Union to give her some advice on using the restaurant's shiny new Twitter account. Her hope is to get a few different staff members posting about a number of different things going on at the restaurant, including any new wines that sommelier and front of house manager Christopher brings in.

Katie was starving by the time we were to meet, so we stopped in at Oh Boy Burger Market for a bite. Kate had the veggie burger, which she really enjoyed, while I ordered the poutine. I have to say, with a new location of Smokes opening tomorrow just a block away, the cooks at Oh Boy whip up a hell of a contender in Toronto's poutine wars.

While the curds weren't as squeaky as the ones I've had at Smokes or Poutini's, they were a decent, slightly rubbery texture. As it should be. The fries were on the thinner side, which I prefer, as I love the greater crispness that cut yeilds. The gravy was pretty good, just this side of oversalted. It's certainly a poutine I'd recommend.

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