Holy Krowy!


While chatting about food with my coworker the other day, as often happens, the talk turned to candy. She got very serious, looked me in the eye and asked, "Have you ever had cow candy?" Well, of course I hadn't, but from the look on her face I knew I had to try it.

One good thing about the location of our office is it's proximity to Polish and Ukranian delis, bakeries and restaurants. The deli closest to us, my friend assured me, definitely carried this "cow candy". (They also make awesome pączki, by the by.) So during my afternoon break, I took a walk over. Sure enough, among the bounty of Polish candies, there was a sunshine yellow bag of Krówki milanowskie. Bingo!

I now understand the look on my friend's face when she spoke of these heavenly morsels. The outside is a creamy, sugary fudge just firm enough to contain the softer caramel inside. The filling is similar in taste and texture to a dulce de leche, and is in fact probably made in the same way.

Bottom line, these are delicious! It took every ounce of my meager willpower to make the bag last 3 days.

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