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orange cocoa

I know. I've been woefully neglectful of my dear blog. But I hope to be better this year. I already have a couple of posts in mind from meals past. I haven't stopped shooting food, it's just the writing that's a chore.

I'll ease back in with a beverage of the toasty variety. The last couple of days, I've been holed up, hiding out from the minus 20-something wind chills. After a week off, I've also been dreading the return to workaday life. What can be a greater comfort against these trials than a warming cup of cocoa?

One of my favourite flavour additions to the rich and slightly bitter chocolatiness of cocoa is orange, so I've resolved to keep a small bottle of Grand Marnier in the pantry for just such an application.

While the milk is warming on the stovetop, I add 1 heaping Tbsp cocoa powder with about ½ oz. Grand Marnier to my mug. To sweeten, I add either 1 Tbsp sugar or flavoured coffee creamer to taste. I blend these ingredients until perfectly smooth. If I want to get really fancy, I'll add a few drops of vanilla essence to the milk.

While a cup of cocoa isn't going to extend my leisure time, nor bring the temperatures up above 0 Celcius, it warms me and my hibernating soul, if only for a moment.
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