Happy Hour


Tonight, I met up with a bunch of twitter folks for $1 oysters at Biff's Bistro. Many laughs and good conversations were had, but more importantly, much good food and wine were consumed.

I only had my first oyster about two or three years ago. For the longest time, I was, quite simply, afraid to try them. Let's be honest, they look revolting. I had expected them to be as slimy as they looked, and I ain't down with the slime. (See okra.) I finally caved and tried one at my friend's birthday celebration and haven't looked back since. I now love oysters. They soothe my longing for the ocean in one perfect little mouthful. The Biff's oysters, PEI Malpeques, were perfectly briny, fresh and tender. Love.

For the side, most of us ordered the frites. I have to say, these are now some of my favourite fries in the city. They were thin cut, which for me, is superior as it gives a more evenly cooked frite. Golden and crisp on the outside, fluffy on the inside, and perfectly seasoned with sea salt and herbs. Love.

The most startling moment of the evening, for those who know me, is that I tried a white wine I actually liked! Thanks to Suresh, I've found a white that doesn't make me think of razor blades (thin, sharp). The Fielding Estate 2008 Pinot Gris was not too dry nor sweet, crisp without excessive acidity, and had delightful pear notes that I really enjoyed. Hallelujah, there's hope for me yet!

I'll definitely be making a return visit to Biff's.

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