Taking a Dip

chocolate dipped strawberry

When I got the invitation to Thanksgiving supper at my friend Glenn's place, I fully expected this post to be about the usual turkey and sides. That was before the consumption of wine, a chocolate fountain, and a diabolical suggestion from Miss A. That's when things got crazy.

Don't get me wrong, the bird, the ham, the various salads... they were all delicious. But when you set up a chocolate fountain at a party, people are going to gravitate towards it. There were pounds of strawberries and buckets of marshmallows available for coating in the flowing chocolate. The candy madman known as "Larry Wonka" made the delightful suggestion of skewering both at the same time and eating them together. Someone else took a mini chocolate bars and dipped that in the fountain. This was only the beginning of wine and tryptophan fuelled excess...

chocolate dipped pumpkin pie

As the pies came out, I went for my favourite - pumpkin. As we stood near the fountain, chatting and generally having a good time, Alanna said, "You should dip the pie in there". A suggestion so depraved, of course I followed it. All eyes were on me as I cut into the coated dessert with my fork and lifted it to my mouth. My reaction to the taste was something like this: Mmmmfff! Ooohmmmymmfffingawwwd! You have to try this!

The frenzy that followed was like a post-dinner scene out of Fellini's Satyricon. Guest fell on the remaining pie and lined up to dip their share in the chocolate. People were feeding one another and moaning with gustatory pleasure. Even those who purported not to like pumpkin pie.

There are some who would call this over the top, and I'd agree. But goddamn, I'd do it again in a New York minute. It leads me to wonder what else could be elevated by enrobing it in chocolate that we've not yet thought of. Suggestions?

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