Season's Eatings

farm fruit

There are many things I love about summer. Among the top is the bounty of local fruits suddenly available at the many farmers' markets around town.

A few weeks ago, Ontario peaches came in and I got myself a pint. The difference between the organic peaches perfectly in season and what you normally get at the grocery store continues to stagger me. These peaches were positively gushing with juice and so incredibly sweet. I really should have worn a bib...

Along with the peaches, I also picked up some raspberries and cherries. Cherries are my weakness. No matter how many of them are in front of me, I'll continue to eat them until they're gone. Especially when they're as good as the ones on this plate. They had just the right amount of cherrylicious tartness to balance the rich sweetness. Raspberries are always touch and go for me. They're often too tart for my liking, but these ones had a pretty subtle sourness.

Sadly, the summer is quickly drawing to a close and the fleeting bounty of the season will end. It'll be back to the grocery stores for imports when I need my fruity fix. Sigh...

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