Rib Stickin'


I spent a very soggy Saturday in a virtually empty field, all for the siren call of barbecued ribs. I believe the Beach Rib Fest is the first and only such event within actual city limits, and not in the suburbs or beyond. So I had to go, even if I had to take an ark to get there.

Likely because it's the first, there were only a handful of rib masters on hand. There were also very few eaters on hand, as the weather was simply miserable. While that meant I didn't get too many pictures, it also meant no lineups! I left my bag and camera in the shelter of the beer tent under the watchful eye of  TVA, who was also judging that day.

As I stood in the increasingly heavy rain, the decision between two states fell to New Mexico, over Alabama. Uncle Sam's BBQ (which I've since discovered are actually also based in Alabama, not Albuquerque, as their signage suggests) offered up an incredibly tender, very moist rib, with very few pieces of fat left. Which I like. The top of the ribs were gorgeously slathered with a sauce that was a little on the sweet side for me.

Overall, I did find the taste on the bland side, despite the generous application of sauce. It was lacking that full smoky flavour I tend to expect from ribs. I suspect they were cooking with propane, as there was none of that deliciously carcinogenic taste imparted by coal. According to the official score sheet, I'd give these a 79/100.

And of course, I can't think of ribs, without thinking of this scene from the 1988 classic (that's right, I said CLASSIC) film, I'm Gonna Git You Sucka. Enjoy.

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