Mon Pain Quotidien

french toast

Met up with my friend Brent, whom I haven't seen in ages, for brunch yesterday. I had suggested we try Crêpes à Go Go, as I needed to be in Yorkville anyway. Besides, I'm still trying to find somewhere that makes decent crêpes while I wait for the Breton style shop to open near my house.

When I got to our meeting spot, I accidentally stepped into Le Pain Quotidien and was taken in by their menu board and pastry displays before I realized the crêperie was next door. As luck would have it, Go Go had no tables open, so when Brent arrived, I suggested we try Le Pain. I'm glad we did.

Brent ordered the wild mushroom omelette, french style - which apparently means slightly undercooked to keep it creamy. Though we were both a little nervous at the concept, Brent declared the eggs "just fine".

I opted for the french toast, or, as they call it in France, toast. (Badum ching) I highly recommend. I'm guessing they use baguettes they've made in-house. Now, I've had french toast at restaurants that was clearly just waved over the egg mixture. Not the case here. The texture was perfection. And the crust! It was soft, yet still dense and chewy and marvelous. They'd also used just the right amount of vanilla and cinnamon in the batter. Yep, I'd totally eat that again.

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