Mmmmmmm... Veggies

chow mein

After many bread/cheese heavy days recently, I was craving some greens. So I stopped by Phố Nhỏ for their veggie chow mein. While it's not my favourite dish of theirs, it was exactly what I needed. Packed with tender bok choy, broccoli, corn and mushrooms, the vegetables are a nice compliment to the crunchy chow mein noodles.

The dish also included some fried tofu, and try as I might, other than the custardy tofu I had at Madeline's, I just can't get into it. There was also some fake beef in the form of gluten. I wasn't expecting that, but gave it a go. No thanks. Yet more proof against fake meat. So once those two items, plus the carrots, were pushed to the side, I could get on with enjoying my mein.

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