Island Eats

On my way home last night, I stopped off at Island Foods for a chicken roti. It seems that chef Roger Mooking is also a fan of this King Street West Indian establishment. The host of Food Network Canada's Everyday Exotic was in for their goat roti, and from the sounds of it, he's a regular.

While my heart will always belong to Pam's, which according to this shot I just found is now closed (*weep*), Island Foods makes a pretty good West Indian style roti. For those more used to roti from India, West Indians make their roti shells much thinner, I find. The variation I'm most familiar with is dhalpuri, which my mother still makes from scratch - making the dough, grinding the dhal (split peas), rolling them out and cooking them on the cast iron cooking stone. So for me, roti is firmly in the comfort food category.

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