Hail Bretagne


Well, the crêperie in my hood that I mentioned a while back is now open. Huzzah! Crêperie La Bréhandaise had their first dinner service last night and were open for their first full day today. I noticed they were open on the way home and practically leapt off the bus to go check them out.

As with any brand new restaurant, a few things were off about my experience. For example, the waitress seemed incredibly nervous, almost timid. I don't know about you, but I like my servers to be very confident. It makes me feel more confident about the experience I'm about to have. Plus, she pronounced the "h" in the name of the dish. L'ash francais n'est pas prononcé, ma petite.

But the food... I ordered the gallette La Hénonaise, which is filled with egg and emmenthal cheese and topped with bacon. (Unfortunately, she brought me the version with ham at first.) When my correct order arrived, I was a little disappointed to see the side salad was teeny. As pretty as the presentation is, inside a crisped gallette cup, I would have liked more than a few leaves. Especially since the mustardy vinagarette was so yummy.

The gallette itselfe was lightly cripy around the edges and light and fluffy toward the centre. There was a light sweetness to the buckwheat pancakes that balanced well with the saltier elements of the dish.  The eggs were barely there, and I prefer my bacon crispier than presented here, but the overall flavour of the gallette was really good.

La Bréhandaise is open until 9 pm Monday to Wednesday, and 11 pm Thursday through Saturday, which means a great option for late night snack and coffee. From the crowd tonight, I expect they'll be very busy indeed for Sunday brunch.

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