Vegetarian done right

Duarte tweeted today that the veggie deluxe poutine at Smoke's today was the best he's had yet. So of course I caved and went there to get some after work today. I'm weak for cheese...

The Veggie Deluxe comes topped with the traditional cheese curds, but has a mushroom gravy and caremalized onions, mushroom slices and peas. Having been a bit put off by their regular gravy (a blend of beef and chicken), I'd been meaning to try the veggie version, with it's unblended sauce.

Yep, the mushroom version is definitely better. Though I usually love green peas, and was looking forward to that ingredient, I could have done without them. Everything else was delish though. The gravy was soooo silky.

I've heard the bacon poutine is too much bacon. Psssh, as if there could be such a thing. But I definitely want to try the pulled pork version next. Anyone tried either of these?

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