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Thanks to Andrea, I just heard about a new documentary series beginning this Thursday, March 19 on CBC TV. The Great Food Revolution looks at the way our eating patterns and habits have changed radically since the 1950's, and why. They ask the question "How did we go from a meat-and-potatoes nation to a country with balsamic vinegar in every cupboard, sushi on the plates of five-year-olds, and a constant craving for the exotic...?"

Over the next two weeks, CBC will air four one-hour episodes broken into topics "The Great Food Revolution," "The Battle to get on your Plate," "24 Hours, 24 Million Meals: Feeding New York" and "Food of the Future". Sounds like interesting fare.

For anyone outside of Canada, a microsite for the documentary series will be launching soon, "with full video, extended stories and recipes from the series".

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