It was a gorgeous day yesterday, so I went for a stroll and a coffee. On the way back, I ran into B, who offered me some gnocchi left over from work, and two chocolate cookies. When a girl is made that kind of offer, how can she possibly say no?!

I don't know which of his co-workers made the dish, but I offer them my thanks. The dumplings were perfect little clouds of flour and potato, with a little kick provided by some chili pepper. On top of that, there was pork! Crispy, sweetish little cubes of goodness in the form of pancetta. I also threw on a bit of fresh grated parmesan. Amazing.

And as much as I hate to say it, B was right. He said the portion wouldn't be enough, and sure enough, when I finished, I found myself wanting much, much more of this dish.

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