3 Meals

Sunday started out with a lovely breakfast of a hard boiled egg and a Clafouti croissant with some of the Plum Blood Orange Jam I'd picked up at St. Lawrence Market the day before.  I was sure I would have wanted the Black Cherry Jam, but found it a bit too sweet. The sharp citrus flavour of the orange rinds helps balance out the plummy sweetness, without having the strong bitterness of a marmalade. The jam is packed with real fruit and has a gorgeous chunky texture.

That evening, before going to see Lisa Hannigan at the Mod Club, I had B over for a dinner of a massive pan roast chicken breast with roasted shallots, garlic, cremini mushrooms, zucchini, red pepper, new red potatoes and a yellow carrot. I don't know what the deal is with that stupid carrot, but after an hour in the oven at 375°C, it was still practically raw. :( There was a thick layer of fat under the skin of the chicken, which I hate, but it was definitely moist. I think the herb butter I made with fresh sage, thyme, meyer lemon rind and a bit of the lemon juice. B suggested browning the chicken longer to help reduce the fat, but I browned it for about 15 minutes and was afraid of drying it out. I guess that wouldn't have been an issue with all that butter under the skin.

B had also brought over a mushroom risotto from work. Uber cheesy and full of porcini mushrooms, it was sooooo delicious for lunch the next day. Thanks B!

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