Salad Days

After going to see J. Sean Elliot's show last night, we ducked into the Metro to quickly grab some groceries. This is another crazy week, so I had to be careful about my purchases.

I picked up a pack of rocket/chicory/radicchio mix, some grape tomatoes, sliced mushrooms, a goat's milk brie-style soft cheese, and a couple of nice fat chicken breast fillets.

Getting home at 11:30 meant I had to make my lunch for the next day quickly. Along with the ingredients I picked up, I julienned some red pepper and tossed those together. In the meantime, I had sliced up one half of one of the fillets and set it to marinade in Renée's pear and blue cheese dressing.

Once the vegetables and cheese were assembled, I sauteed the chicken until golden. I let that cool before putting it on the top of the vegetables. I ate it dressed with Renée's balsamic vinaigrette.

I think next time, I'll increase the greens ratio, as I love the bitter nuttiness of that particular blend.

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