The Final Roast

roasted veg with salmon

At least for a while. :)

I threw out my back this morning, so knocked myself out with a bunch of muscle relaxants. Let me tell you, I woke up hongry like a bear in spring.

Tonight's veggie combo for the roast included a leek, a couple of larger shallots, some mushrooms, garlic, a knuckle of ginger, and new potatoes. I wanted the roast to go more quickly, so cut up the ingredients into smaller pieces than the past two nights. It still ended up taking an hour at 375°F though.

Before prepping the vegetables, I made a few slits in the skin of the salmon. Then I rubbed it with oil, the juice of half a lime and PC Thai Spice blend over both sides and set it aside to marinate. I tossed the cut up veg in a blend of vegetable oil, spice blend, lime juice (from the second half) and a squirt of hoisin sauce.

Once everything was ready, I put the salmon, skin side down, in the cast iron skillet, then poured in the veg around the fillet. I also threw in the two spent lime halves for kicks. You can see some prep pics in my flickr stream.

While it didn't have the asian flavour I was going for, it was still pretty damn tasty. Tomorrow... Winterlicious!

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