grilled salmon salad

I spent the afternoon window shopping in the hood with Alanna. It was an absolutely gorgeous day - a welcome respite from the bitterly cold days we've been having.

We ended our stroll at Epicure on Queen West. Neither of us had been there in a couple of years, but remembered the food as being pretty good. Alanna had the house salad, and proclaimed the greens very fresh. I went with the grilled salmon salad, which came with tomatoes, cucumbers, hard boiled egg and bacon. I substituted the blue cheese for goat cheese.

The salmon was grilled perfectly and had just the right amount of charred bits for my taste. The bacon was snap crisp and, along with the goat cheese, added a nice hit of saltiness to the salad. Indeed, the greens were fresh and crisp and very lightly dressed with a black peppercorn balsamic vinaigrette.

Tomorrow, the temperature will start to dip again and the cold will be back in full force by Wednesday. So I'm very glad Miss A called and got me out on this rare beautiful day. Being able to eat springy  in the middle of winter was a treat.

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