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rainbow roll with edamame

Last night, Neil Gaiman tweeted something about doing a Q&A at a Coraline screening today, but that all tickets were already gone. I'm all like, "What?! I didn't hear nothing about this!" Then, this morning, he mentioned the theatre would be having a rush line in case any seats came open. You just had to show up by 6:45.

I guess, deep down, I'm an optimist. I left work right at 6 and high-tailed it down to the theatre. I made it there by 6:40 and there was only a small lineup of about 15-20 people. "Hmmm," thought I, "there may be hope yet."

As we faithful few waited, a woman and her two kids asked what the line was for. We explained it was for a special screening of Coraline and she didn't need to wait if she was seeing anything else. She then pulled out her passes and we told her  she could just go in. She thanked us and started to go in. Then she turned back and motioned to me, asking if I'd like to go in with her. Each pass was for 2, and there were only 3 of them, so... of course I said YES.

Her name was Sophia, and I thanked her profusely. Unfortunately, when we got to Guest Services to trade in the passes for tickets, we were told there were no seats left, and given run of engagement passes instead. Sigh. So close! We were all pretty disappointed, especially the kids. I let her have both the passes, as was only fair. I won't have to wait long to see the movie anyway, just without Mr. Gaiman.

To soothe the pain, I picked up some sushi on the way home from Sushi 930. I do love this place. The staff are very friendly, and the fish is always super fresh. A million miles better than the sushi place that used to be in that location. I took home my rainbow roll and cooked up some edamame to go with it. It helped. :)

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