Burger blah

I grabbed lunch at Brad's today. Overall, it was a disappointment. Now, this isn't the first time I've eaten at Brad's, but it's the first time I've done takeout.

When I got back to the office and opened the package, I saw that what I asked for is not what I got. Sure, it was only condiments, but goddammit, they matter. I'd ordered my burger very simply, with mustard, relish and onions. I got onions. Brad's burgers are a little on the dry side, so I like it with relish to add a bit of succulence back.

Then there was the side salad. Honestly, if you're only going to give me one grape tomato cut in half, just forget it. I mean, the salad was okay - the dressing had a nice tartness to it - but scrimping on tiny tomatoes along with forgetting my condiments, just upset me.

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