Save Room For Pie

trout pot pie

This one's a meal from the vaults.

On New Year's Day, my cousin Sheldon and his gf Aida had my brother and I over for dinner. Aida is a homeopath, who even makes from-scratch organic meals for their dog Toby, so my girl's got some recipes under her belt.

For this evening, she made a trout pot pie with leeks and carrots, accompanied by a ceasar salad. For dessert there was a fruit pie - peach, I think. But really, the star of the menu was the fish pie. The taste  imparted by the leeks was so fragrant and delicious, and it went very well with the trout. And then there was the herbed crust. She made that from scratch, yo! The pastry was light and flaky and packed with flavour.

I'll try and get the recipe from Aida for all you bakers out there. In the meantime, Aida, I await the next invite over for dinner. Definitely worth going north of Bloor for.

UPDATE: The recipe for the pie can be found at the Food Network Canada site

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