Movie Night

WALL-E spread

I got an invite late this morning from Andrea to come over for a potluck supper and watching WALL-E on blu-ray. Of course I said yes, as Andrea is also known as TOfoodie on twitter.

From her twitter posts, I knew she'd marinated the beef for tonight's stew in garlic, thyme, parsley, red wine, salt and pepper, then cooked in the slow cooker. Well, half the batch anyway. It was too much food for her poor crock pot, so the other half was done on the stove top. Whichever batch I got my serving from, it was delicious. Rich and round flavours with the tenderest of beef. The nearly full bottle of wine probably didn't hurt. :)

Rounding out the feast were a homemade bread by Brian, a salad of grape tomatoes, cucumber, black olives and mini boconcini by Lori, Nico's famous spinach dip - with a twist, grapeseed bread from Ben, and two types of ice cream from Chelle and Yvonne's mocha cupcakeo with chocolate ganache for dessert. Nomnomnom! My contribution was assorted crackers with brie and camembert, and a decent Malbec from Argentina

We had a great time sharing food, and laughing our way through WALL-E. (I could have done without the cockroach, but what are you gonna do?) There are very few ways I'd rather spend my Saturday night.

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