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chocolate cookie

I took the day off to do a photo shoot for Our Neighbourhood Magazine today. The Gladstone was having a neighbourhood luncheon for area businesses and organizations to meet each other and do some networking.

According to the invite,

We believe it is important to foster strong ties with other local businesses and organizations to support a healthy local micro economy that drives healthy development, small business, light industry, cultural work and good times!

Chef Marc Breton was on hand, with the catering crew, to serve up a buffet of mixed vegetables, potato salad, and roast beef. Unfortunately, I wasn't in my right mind and ate breakfast right before hitting the shoot. But while I didn't have any of the food on hand, I did get a cookie in the gift bag.

Another rich chocolate dessert, but this one wasn't nearly as sweet as yesterday's brownie, which I appreciated. As you can see, it was a super dark cookie, shot through with just enough white chocolate to balance out the bitter edge of the chocolate. While it was a little on the dry side for my taste, the rich flavour made up for that.

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